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From Our Customers in 2017

We take great pride in the relationships we build with our customers and love hearing about their experiences.

Peggy Lawson I made this order last Thursday afternoon and received it the next day just before noon. I am just astonished at how quick it got here! Everything shipped and there were absolutely no problems, not that I expected any. I don’t think we have ever received anything that quick. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate doing business with you. Thanks so much!
Kathleen Popola I would just like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to Steve and Dave for helping me with replacing a part for my DSRX1 printer on very short notice. They went to great lengths to overnight my part on a late Friday evening so I could have it early Saturday morning for a photo booth gig that afternoon. They were both very kind and understanding of my predicament. I'm so glad I called IS first! They pulled me out of a jam and I'll be forever grateful.
Beth Biehler Imaging Spectrum saved my behind! My printer died on a Wednesday. I needed it for photo booth jobs on Saturday & Sunday. The manufacturer couldn’t get a replacement to me until Monday. But I was able to buy a new (backup) printer from Imaging Spectrum Wednesday afternoon – with free shipping! – and UPS delivered it the very next day! I was SO thankful and relieved!
Keith Brown I have purchased 2 printers from Imaging Spectrum and they are absolute workhorses! I experienced some trouble today (user error) and Bill helped me over the phone. Fantastic support after the sale!
Alex Remington The support you guys provide is awesome, and is important to me.
Terry Gee Everyone at Imaging Spectrum from sales to service to tech support is without a doubt the most dedicated and customer-focused group of people I have ever dealt with in ANY organization. My last contact with Bill in support only furthered my unbelievably high value of their company.
Oky Arthur Steve Behen is the bomb! Always willing to help! Thank you sooooo much!
Matt Rademaker Kevin got it done! Excellent Service. Printer knowledge, he guided me thru the process and got my order filled, answered all my questions and I am the happiest customer ever!!
Jeff Jones Got my HiTi 520L printer last week, excellent! Quality is fantastic, easy to calibrate, and Imaging Spectrum was great, answered all my questions and shipped quickly. Can’t wait to try the wireless feature… #wireless printer
Maribeth Closa Galindo I just want to personally thank Bill who helped me set up my printer… he was awesome.. I wouldn’t think he would contact me back so late at night… but he was kind enough connect and work with me and got my issues resolved… I’ll give him a HUGE thumbs up.
David Losh These and my 7 new printers, cases and a heap of media finally got here today! Thanks David at Imaging Spectrum for always helping!
Tim Hill The folks at Imaging Spectrum have always provided outstanding service, insight and support, BUT…. This past week they all went above and beyond! I took an old broken down printer in to have it evaluated, and just as I expected it was not repairable. HOWEVER, they had a refurbished printer of the same model (which btw hasn’t been manufactured or sold for a couple of years now) and sold it to me for a reasonable price. Since I had about $1000 worth of that printer’s media that I had previously been unable to use, I felt like I got a Christmas bonus being back up and running! I had forgotten how much more fast and efficient that printer is compared to the two smaller units I have been using the last two years. My onsite holiday printing operations have been transformed! Thank all of you fine folks at Imaging Spectrum, you guys are the best!
Stephanie Grenzer THANK YOU! You’re a lifesaver! I sincerely appreciate the attention and quick turnaround on this! Thank you for testing before sending back. No problem on the 50 test prints---I trust you guys. Interesting that the back sensor was making the error---especially when I would adjust/move/touch the front is when I would notice the error light change. I understand how it would be effected though. I wonder how the damage happened…? In any case, I AM SO HAPPY it’s fixed!!!! Again, I cannot thank you enough. Your whole team was extremely responsive to my request and I appreciate expediting the fix. You just made 1000+ families (AND ME) happier for this coming weekend’s Santa pictures!! Merry Christmas!
Lenaya Jung So I'm a mad procrastinator and needed my paper stat. Like today. Christina was so overly helpful and is making sure that I get it shipped as soon as possible, and was friendly the entire time. You guys are so lucky to have her!! Thank you again! I'll be sure to come back to this site to order any of my printing products in the future.
Kenny Stockman Wonderful and personal customer service. I wish all companies took the time to thank their customers and follow up on any issues right away like you guys do! Far above any other just by that standard alone! Great work and the Printer is great too!
Donald McKenna I want to thank everybody involved for the excellent customer service I experienced with my first order from your company. I found your price and service to be excellent. To take advantage of the Epson rebate, I ordered 3 rolls of Epson Hot Press Bright. I was very surprised to receive them the next day. I had a bad experience with another supplier and because of their poor service, I lost the opportunity to take advantage of the rebate at that time. As a struggling artist, every dollar counts. I will be a repeat customer for certain. And I will spread the word among my colleagues.
Max Garcia Want to express my appreciate for the work of your support team and in particular Herb. When an issue has you baffled and your concern is making changes to settings that would only worsen the issue, thank goodness for your support team. You have me as a customer for life!
JC I got my paper and ribbon. Thank you so much Christy. You always provide amazing customer service. I'm not sure how big your operation is or if you have a boss or your boss' boss, kindly forward this to them so that they know how happy this customer is with all of your support and attention. Once again, thank you!
Barbara Lee Hello Jo and Matt, I've been meaning to tell you that I finally solved the problem of the waffle print. It was a sharpening artifact. I was so tired after coming back from our 7 Week Rd. trip to the Canadian Rockies and I had to do a lot of printing to get ready for my art show that I forgot that in that particular image I paint out all that sky and don't sharpen it at all. Once I remember to do that the image printed perfectly! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help and all the wonderful customer service I always get from Imaging Spectrum! I recommend you to my friends as often as I can.
Jonathan Andrews First I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I finally got the Epson T3270 printer we purchased from you up and running. It is doing exactly what we need for it to do. And it is doing just as you said it would. Everything seems to be working great for our applications. I wanted to thank you for all of your information and help in our process of finding and choosing the right printer for what we want to do. You will be right at the top of our list for any future needs.
Larry Allen Thank you so much to Herb. He took about 45 minutes of his time and walked me through an issue with my Brava21. I was going to sell this thing until Herb helped me out. Now I love it. To me customer service is the main reason I do business with a company and you just made a customer for life.
Luis Onpin Quick shout out to Steve Behen for his kickass customer service with ordering some printer media & accessories. Imaging Spectrum, Inc. is the bomb diggity bomb.
Ambyr Rios My educational non-profit charter school worked with David Molano to purchaser a high capacity photo printer for an upcoming event. He handled the whole conversation with incredible customer service, attention to details and general great professionalism. Can’t wait to work with you all again for our future needs!
Jane Leaverton Recently I had the pleasure to work with David Molano, who assisted me with selecting the appropriate thermal printer for our booth at SXSW. He is knowledgeable, responsive, always pleasant and extremely helpful. We have had tremendous growth this year and it is refreshing to find someone who is so customer-service oriented. Kudos to you for hiring such a talented employee. I will be ordering more items in the future and look forward to having David advise me on the appropriate product for our needs.
Jim Olvera I appreciate your prompt response and your looking after the details. That seems so rare these days. Thanks so much!
Central Gaddis Very fast shipping! Will be buying more photo printers from you!
An LeFevre Before the end of today, I just wanted to write you a thank you note for coming thru on Saturday. I really don't know what I would have done without your help. I had been trying to resolve the issue for over 3 hours, very panicked and was about to have a major meltdown. Visions of failing on my first outing were going through my head. Then I got your email, and then astonishingly, you called! On a weekend, too! My relief was so visible to everyone who saw me. I wasn't on my own anymore! I knew you would figure it out. You didn't fail and while I still don't know what happened or how you even fixed it, the evening went along as smoothly as ever. So thank you so much for going above and beyond any technical support I have ever experienced. You are a true professional with a heart, and a huge asset to your company. Thank you. Thank you.
Gene Doughtery I don’t like Imaging Spectrum… I love them! Great prices, super fast delivery with free shipping and all the printing products I like and need. I buy from no where else, unless I need it TODAY and need to use my local photo shop (Jeremiah’s Camera Corner in Santa Rosa, BTW). Oh yeah, and the customer service is second to none. ISI all the way!
Alexander Dolidze I want to thank all the Imaging Spectrum staff, especially Christina and Ronnie, for outstanding customer service! I’m your customer since 2010 and for those 6 years, you’re always there and always on time. Best holiday wishes
Nicky Ruggs What a great company. I’ve purchased several printers from IS and so much media that I’ve lost count. They are quick to assist with my needs and really friendly.
Sandy Pawlyszyn My P8000 is printing beautifully now. Thank you for your assistance!
Jon Luckey Huge shout out to Steve Behen from Imaging Spectrum today! I Called to place my order for 2 DS40’s and a couple of other odds and ends. I called and asked to talk to Steve because we had discussed this several weeks ago. Steve answered the phone as his cheerful old self and we started having just a great conversation about the photo booth industry in general. Steve was clearly interested in our conversation and made me feel good about my position in the industry, etc! Amazing customer service in my opinion! When we finally got down to the “brass tacks” of the purpose of my call, Steve said, “so let’s get you that media you wanted to order!” I laughed and said, “Steve, I didn’t call to order media, I called to buy printers!” A little shocked at my statement, we both had a good laugh about it and I continued to make my big purchases for the day. I tell this story because I received GREAT customer service even when he thought I was merely buying just a couple of boxes of media! Steve and crew at Imaging Spectrum are GREAT for this industry! I am proud to consider them a vendor partner in my successful photo booth business! Thanks, Steve!!!
Zach Thomas Shout out for great customer service from Imaging Spectrum, Inc. It’s not just how you do things that you are suppose to do on a daily basis, but also how you handle things when there is a mistake which every single one of us do occasionally in business some how or another. In this case I want to give Imaging Spectrum kudos for quickly taking care of me. A couple weeks ago I ordered a case of media online, but the wrong one shipped from the warehouse. I called after they were closed to let them know, and sent an email too. Before I woke up the next morning they had already emailed me back and over night shipped the correct media and sent a return label for the incorrect box. On a separate occasion I bought a printer, and a week or so later they were giving a free set of media with that printer purchase. Even though they weren’t running a special when I bought it they STILL sent me free media. This is how to keep customers loyal, great job guys!