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From Our Customers in 2018

We take great pride in the relationships we build with our customers and love hearing about their experiences.

Mindy Zommick These guys are always fast and friendly. Very helpful with the products and shipments have always been either on time or early.
Quick Snap Events Good People Great Help. Thanks Kevin.
Josh McGowan Excellent and friendly service! Matt was very helpful!
Becky Kirchner Pearman Best customer service around! Iíve purchased a couple of dye-subs from them and boxes upon boxes of paper for them. They always walk me through any questions I have and help me feel I am buying the best product for my little business!
Andy and Ashley Phillips We love Imaging Spectrum. Great prices and great service. We ordered directly from FujiFilm for years with our mini lab. But now we get everything from IS. We love our DX100 and would recommend that printer and Imaging Spectrum to anyone.
Jordan Price I have ordered I have ordered media from this company for the past 2 years, and after never running into a media shortage at and event, it finally happened this weekend. Due to family emergencies and other things, we were unable to get the needed media ordered before i realized it and it was too late.. Steven and Christy from the office in Dallas, went above and beyond to get us the needed media... EVEN WHEN THE OFFICE WAS CLOSED. We were able to swing by and pick it up on a Sunday.. much respect to this company and their products. Great pricing along with great service! Looking forward to the future business Iíll give to this company!
Christian Bumanglag I just ordered my printer couple days ago. I shopped around for the best deal I could get. Imaging Spectrum price wasn't the best deal I found online, but the customer service was excellent. Kevin was very prompt and always gave more information than I asked (good info). I've always believed in good customer service which is why I decided to buy from IS even though I had a better deal on the other reseller. To top that, I actually ended up paying less than the posted online price. You guys will definitely be my resource for my future supplies. Thank you! Especially to Kevin!
Mark Holder My name is Mark Holder and I am the purchasing agent for a small printing company. We began purchasing our proofing paper from Imaging Spectrum in March 2017 and are very pleased with the service you provide. In recent weeks, we've had several delivery problems with UPS, the latest of which involved shipping errors with proofing paper from IS. Throughout the ordeal, Ms. Rowland provided support above and beyond expectation, and I'm writing today to express my gratitude. Her capability and professionalism are greatly appreciated.
Jeff Jones Got my HiTi 520L printer last week, excellent! Quality is fantastic, easy to calibrate, and Imaging Spectrum was great, answered all my questions and shipped quickly. Canít wait to try the wireless featureÖ #wireless printer
Ben Zweig Imaging Spectrum is the best supplier bar none in the USA!!!
Teresa Garcia I was given your email as the go to email. I just wanted to send an email, to let you know the great support that Herb was. I have had multiple issues (User error) over the course of two weeks. I first got in contact with Herb, last week and we had a driver issue. He was super patient with me and was super empathetic with my lack of IT knowledge. I thought my journey was over and it was not. I had to call a few more times, BUT... Herb got the job done. I realize that being in Customer Support is not always the best time, but, he seriously was my savior. He knew my time was restricted, due to the conflicting hours of operation and my schedule ( Pacific Standard and I work your same hours...). Herb called me first thing 9am, your time and 7am mine. I had so many setbacks and the lack of knowledge on my behalf was challenging, the struggle was real. Anyway, I just wanted to give my appreciation for people like him. I really appreciate that he was super helpful and extremely kind. I don't come across great customer service in phone support and he definitely reassured my repeat loyalty to your company. I will continue purchasing, if you continue having support staff like Herb. Herb... you rock.
Patricia Lamastus Thank you so much for helping us out in a pinch this week! Life saver. I have the receipt / invoice from the 3 rolls of semi-gloss paper picked up on Monday and the receipt / invoice for the roll to be shipped Friday (Feb 2), but I am missing
Rett Webb Make sure you only contact Mason for business needs. A+ Service. Thanks for all your help!
Joe Rooney Good guys, fast to respond to questions. All good so far!
TJ Suchocki Who would have thought a stressed call in 2014 wouldíve turned into such great relationships over the last 3 years. The team at Imaging Spectrum, Steve, Bill, Wallay, David, have all given me and my company great support and help along with fantastic prices. I highly recommend Imaging Spectrum.
Robert Gooch 5 Stars!! Whatever you do... donít lose Laura!! Iíve called three other retailers and none of them even came close to the customer service experience that she gave over the phone. Very Genuine and very honest and got exactly what I asked for and, in the time, I needed it! I know you may not be able to give her a raise but at least take her to lunch and not fast food!! We purchased two new photobooths and will be adding more in the next few months and will buy from you guys!! Thanks Laura!! 10 stars if I could give them!
Aaron McLaughlin Thank you so much for sending this. my old Sony transports just fine. Or, has for four years in my vehicle bus photo booth. I had to upgrade to the dnp rx1hs. Which seems fine so far. But I was totally ignoring the take the media out and use the pad, rule. of course, they are different, so, of course they would have different maintenance things. I hope you just saved me a ton of money. Thanks again for being such a support system around me blindly starting my own business.
Andrew Skywaker Thank You so much for reaching out to me. I received a call from your team on Monday and I place my order with them. I really appreciate you guys extending the promo for Thank You so much! You all Rock! May the Force Be with You All!!!
Jay Haden I can order supplies from these people in Lincoln, Nebraska and barring any unforeseen circumstances, they can make it from Plano, Texas to Lincoln in less than 48 hours! Could not ask for better customer service!
Christina Hopeson Thank you for the follow up call today. I work 3 jobs so I was unable to answer as I was busy at one of them! It was my first order with you because I live in Canada. - Shipping and duty is a hassle I am a member of a few ďphoto booth communitiesĒ on Facebook and people on them all rave about Imaging Spectrum quality and service. So I decided to do some shopping and price matching. The order I got from you guys for the 5 boxes came out to $593.30 Canadian. The exact same order from my supplier in Toronto would have been $821.45. Obviously, a significant savings from you guys. I just had to figure out logistics. Iím heading to the Photo Booth Expo in Vegas next week and luckily, my sister-in-law has a postal box in Port Huron, Michigan. I had the DNP Media shipped to her box and I will pick it up on my way home from the Detroit airport after flying home. Itís a lot of planning but itís worth it for the savings! Long story short (too late, I know), I would like to keep ordering from you guys but it will likely be 1-2 times per year when Iím already travelling right by Port Huron. Thanks again, thus far you guys have lived up to your wonderful reputation. Will I have the pleasure of meeting you at PBX next week?
Ashley Dunson Imaging Spectrum is a really great company to work with. We regularly get our photo printing supplies from them. Shipping is super-fast. They have also helped me when I have questions about my printer.