Ciaat was established in 2005. Based in South Korea the company has contributed to the development of the dye-sub printing industry by providing innovative products with partners around the world. Imaging Spectrum is proud to be Ciaat’s sole distribution partner in the U.S. supplying printers under the Brava name and dye sub media under the brand name Summit Imaging Solutions. Ciaat OEM’s printers from leading manufacturers and then develops high quality software, ink, ribbon and paper to provide cost effective solutions for any dye-sub printing application including photo booth, event photography, portrait, and id cards to name a few. Ciaat is now the 3rd largest D2T2 (Dye-sublimation diffusion thermal transfer) product supplier in the world with 26 registered patents and supply chains in 46 countries. Speaking of innovation, our best-selling Ciaat printer, the Brava 21, is the only dye-sub printer on the market that can print on standard photo paper or peel and stick photo paper.

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Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer (BRAVA21)
Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer (BRAVA21)


Ciaat Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer

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Shipping Box for Brava21 Printer (BOX-BRAVA21)
Shipping Box for Brava21 Printer (BOX-BRAVA21)

Custom packing box to ship a Brava21 Printer.

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