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Epson Printers

Epson has long been the leading brand when it comes to large format inkjet printers and Imaging Spectrum is proud to be one of the largest Epson resellers for over 20 years! With that kind of experience, you can rest assure that we are your best source for Epson printers, inks and papers. If you are looking for the very versatile line of P-Series printers for photography, proofing and  fine art, the T-Series printers for engineering, architecture, mapping and CAD drawings,  the S-Series line of solvent printers for car wraps, outdoor banners and signage applications or the D-Series Dry Lab printers for high volume portrait photos, we have the printing solution for you.

Epson Support

We offer competitive pricing, expert advice and valuable support for our customers, all leading to a great overall experience in customer service!   Plus we offer free ground shipping and distribute out of several warehouse locations across the United States to give you the most reliable and fastest delivery.  Whether you are choosing a printer or trying to find that perfect paper for a particular job, call and talk to one of our inkjet specialists. We’ll be happy to help you out!