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Portrait Printing Bundle (DX100-PORTRAIT)
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Portrait Printing Bundle (DX100-PORTRAIT)

Everything you need to proof and print photos in house for immediate delivery. Includes; Fujifilm DX100 printer, Epson P800 printer, Darkroom Core software, media, and more.

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Priced seperately this bundle would cost $5,323.00

This bundle includes (view In the Box tab for details):

  • Small Format Printer: Fujifilm DX100 with Media
  • Large Format Printer: Epson P800 with Media
  • Darkroom Core Workflow Software
  • 1 Year of PhotoReflect online e-commerce services
  • 1 Hour of remote setup and training

Everything you need to proof and print photos in house for immediate delivery.  Your customers will get instant gratification, and you will sell more prints.  You can also reduce or eliminate your lab costs and save money!

Here’s an example of savings by bringing your printing in house for a common print package;
10-5×7’s, 5-8×10’s, 2-16×20’s

  • Using a lab:  $31.00 + shipping,  several days to deliver
  • Printing in house:  $8.34, a few minutes to deliver

That’s a whopping 73% savings of $22.66

Learn more here: Introducing the Portrait Printing Bundle

Important: Visit our Fujifilm DX100 page for support and to Register your printer.

Finance Options

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1.  Small Format Printer

  • Fujifilm DX100
  • Set of Inks (200ml x 6 inks)
  • Case of 8” Fujifilm Luster Paper (2 rolls, 213’ per roll)

2.  Large Format Printer

  • Epson P800
  • Long roll adapter (allows up to 100’ long rolls of paper in the P800)
  • Set of Start Up Inks (64ml x 9 Inks)
  • Roll of 16” Epson Premium Luster Paper (16” x 100’)

3.  Workflow Software

4.  Online, E-Commerce Solution and Specialty Lab Products

5.  Training & Setup

  • 1 Hour of remote setup and training