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Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 Printer
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Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 Printer

For a limited time, get 2 sets of inks and a case (2 rolls) of either 6” or 8” luster paper for free!

The Frontier-S DX100 Printer is a small high quality Frontier inkjet printer that incorporates 6 colored inks producing up to 360 4R prints per hour.

SKU DX1001
Weight 63.00 lbs
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For a limited time, get 2 sets of inks and a case (2 rolls) of either 6” or 8” luster paper for free!

Select your paper choice in the dropdown above the quantity box. Offer expires January 31, 2019

Includes 1 year or 33k prints manufacturer warranty.

Important: Visit our Fujifilm DX100 page for support and to Register your printer.

Compact and fast, the Frontier-S DX100 can produce prints from 3.5” x 5” up to 8 x 39” high quality images and allows for a wider color gamut, finer grain, smoother gradation in backgrounds and improved skin tones. The Frontier-S DX100 meets the diverse needs and challenges of the retail minilab, retail kiosk, high-volume portrait studio, Sports and Event photography.


  • Six colored VIVIDIA™ inks for beautiful reproduction
  • Outstanding print quality with optional FUJIFILM Image Intelligence™
  • Run as stand alone event photography printer, or multiple printers configured in retail minilab or kiosk applications
  • Single roll paper capability
  • Compact footprint only 2.13ft²
  • No chemical waste or storage
  • Easy replacement of ink cartridges, ink waste tank and waste paper disposal are a simple “Open and Remove” process
  • Easy operator interface requires minimal user involvement and training

Recommended software:
The most efficient way to drive your Fujifilm Frontier DX100 is with Darkroom Software. The newest version of Darkroom Core has built in drivers for the DX100. This makes the DX100 easy to set up and efficient to print to. Here are some of the benefits of using Darkroom software instead of the Fujifilm Windows drivers:

  • The fastest, easiest way to print.
  • Print 5x faster than Photoshop! 10x if you use Templates! Watch this video.
  • Automatically print file name and or info on or around your image.
  • Print awesome products with 2 clicks. Packages, Greeting cards, buttons, bookmarks, book layouts, multi-ups, etc.
  • Easily create and print your own borders, templates and memory mates.
  • Print different size photos in 2 clicks (no need to adjust printer driver to switch page sizes).
  • Built-in Green Screen, Filters (Sepia, black and white, vintage, many more), Retouching, Batch printing.
  • Batch print an entire folder of images in 2 clicks.
  • Print contact sheets in 2 clicks.
  • Print a photo and email a copy in 2 clicks.
  • Download the DX100 Brochure for more information


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(8 reviews)  

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Sam Gray
Jan 25, 2018
Anyone looking to purchase one of these printers be wary that if you potentially have a high volume of prints that you will need to replace the print head after about 100,000 prints also on both of our models it leaves a stripe down anything on 8? Lustre paper.

We were advised AFTER purchase by FUJIFILM themselves that the printer only has a service life of 100,000 prints and that they were not surprised that ours had stopped working, after suggesting that we purchase said printer knowing full well how much volume we did.

Advantages: Small footprint and image quality good

Disadvantages: Service life is only 100,000 prints!
Issues with marking on 8? L paper
Expensive to run
Support is expensive and not possible to diy repair
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Mar 24, 2017
Great prints fast!

Advantages: Fast print speeds. Great looking prints. Fairly inexpensive prints compared to other printers.

Disadvantages: This is my second printer. First one failed after 49860 images. Not sure what the life expectancy is though.
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HQ Fotolab
Jun 4, 2016
Very good printer . Checks in use since two months . I would recommend .

Advantages: quality pictures, nice colors, silent

Disadvantages: only the purchase price
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Jason O'Donnell
Dec 12, 2018
I have one of these that use in my studio - still use our print lab for the big orders but this printer is great for filling orders quickly and for doing panoramic prints.

Thank you for the reviews before me - lets do some math on 100,000 prints - if this printer does 100,000 prints you should be able to make at least $10 profit per print - unless my mat his wrong, that is a million buck in PROFIT you made - not bad for a $3000 printer (rounded up after taxes and shipping).

So now lets calculate the per cost per print taking into consideration the cost of the unit. Using $3000 to make the math easy you divide 100,000 prints by $3000 and you get $0.03 per print (assuming 8x10) - so just make sure you add this onto the cost of creating and printing when you sell a print.

And as for $6000 in useless hardware, when if the mat his still correct, your three machines should of brought you at least $3 million.

Take care of them and they should take care of you.

I do agree with poor customer service - sucks that they require a credit card to just talk to you - the same thing happened to me. If they don't want to deal with customers problems, they should not sell anything. Breakdowns occur but it is how I am treated that really matters to me.

When I buy media, I buy the full set of ink and enough paper to match the ink - huge cost when you do by but more efficient on shipping and you will not run out of paper or the ink. Always have stock!!

Advantages: Great looking prints.
Once it works, goes pretty quick - can take a bit to get the print job over there the first one out.
Huge paper rolls
Ink lasts a long time - at least three rolls!!

Disadvantages: Heavy as hell - huge!!
Cases cost an arm and a leg - why so expensive for a printer case!!!! Had to have one custom made for WAY cheaper!!!
Only max of 8 inches wide - I would love 11 or 13 inches wide - we can dream cant we!!
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Coby James
Dec 6, 2018
Not dependable. I have three and have had to send all three in for reapairs right after the warranty expired on them. The durability on this machine is horrible. Reapirs are very expensive. Will NOT be purchasing another Fuji product in the future. Definitely not worth the headaches.

Advantages: They print very nice IF you can keep them printing.

Disadvantages: It is very hard to set these up, and color controls are convoluted and require settings in 3 DIFFERENT places. Not user friendly. Fuji Service is horrendous. First question out of their mouth is "we need a credit card" not how can we help you. There needs to be a lemon law for this company.
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  • Print method: Piezoelectric inkjet system
  • Print size: (5”x3.5”) 127x89mm to (8”x39”) 210x1,000mm
  • Print speed: 10 seconds per 1 sheet (4”x6”), *standard mode
  • Print resolution:
    • Standard mode 720x720 dpi  
    • High Quality mode 720x1,440 dpi
  • Roll paper:
    • Paper Length : 65m (213”)
    • Width :102mm (4”), 127mm (5”), 152mm (6”), 203mm (8”), 210mm
  • Paper loading: 1 roll paper feeder
  • Paper Surface: Glossy / Lustre / Fine Art Matte
  • Ink cartridges: 6 Colors (C, M, Y, K, SB, P) of dye based ink (Volume : 200ml per color)
  • Power requirements: 100V ~ 220V (50/60Hz) single-phase two-wire
  • Weight: Approx. 23kg (include roll paper and ink cartridge) 51lbs
  • Win and Mac OS drivers
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Software installation CD
  • Standard print tray
  • Paper spindle
  • Scrap catcher bin