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Photo Booth Business

Make your booth experience stand out.

The staff at Imaging Spectrum is ready to help you take your photo booth business to the next level. Our employees have extensive experience supporting booth operations and event businesses of all sizes. The photo booth support staff has backgrounds in the IT industry, including knowledge of operating systems, professional event printers and a number of photo booth and event software programs. With a wide range of professional imaging talents, we are able to support your photo booth workflow with the most knowledgeable staff in the photo booth industry.

The customer service at Imaging Spectrum is top shelf and second to none. Listening to photo booth customer’s needs, finding solutions and helping customers overcome challenges is our mission.  Many of the industry’s leading booth builders rely on the photo booth team at Imaging Spectrum for hardware, software, supplies and to help support their products. You can too. Our large warehouse and buying power enable us to offer you a competitive price, reliable inventory and same day shipping.

photo booth business

Our knowledge base covers all of the professional quality brands in the business; Brava, DNP, Sinfonia/Shinko, Hiti, Mitsubishi, Summit Imaging Solutions and Darkroom Software are among the most popular. We can help you choose a quality booth manufacturer too, as well as share advice on lighting, computer and camera recommendations.

From our customers

We wanted to say how completely thrilled we are with your customer service and technical support! We had our first photo booth event this weekend and had only received your printer and software earlier this past week. Needless to say, we were extremely nervous! Your people walked us through every detail and gave us invaluable help that prevented problems from occurring!
-Jeff and Donna Smith

I've used Imaging Spectrum on various printer/paper purchases for our photo booth company. I've always been super impressed with the pricing, the customer service, and technical support as well.
-Chris Meyer