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Event & Onsite Printing

The right tools for the job.

Choosing the right printer and software for the job can be a challenge. Oftentimes it is the details and differences between workflow hardware/software that can make or break an event. The event and onsite printing experts at Imaging Spectrum look forward to helping you choose the right products and supporting those products after the sale. Our large warehouse and buying power enable us to offer you a competitive price, reliable inventory and same day shipping.

Imaging Spectrum has over 20 years of experience selling event photography solutions and supporting event photography companies. Our event and onsite printing workflow experts have backgrounds in IT, large scale event activations and small business workflow support. This includes extensive knowledge of the latest hardware and software technologies to help make your business relevant and competitive.

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Our knowledge base covers all of the professional quality brands in the business; Brava, DNP, Sinfonia/Shinko, Hiti, Mitsubishi, Summit Imaging Solutions and Darkroom Software are among the most popular. We can help you choose a quality booth manufacturer too, as well as share advice on lighting, computer and camera recommendations.

From our customers

Want to express my appreciate for the work of your support team and in particular Herb. When an issue has you baffled and your concern is making changes to settings that would only worsen the issue, thank goodness for your support team. You have me as a customer for life!
-Max Garcia

First I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I finally got the Epson T3270 printer we purchased from you up and running. It is doing exactly what we need for it to do. And it is doing just as you said it would. Everything seems to be working great for our applications. I wanted to thank you for all of your information and help in our process of finding and choosing the right printer for what we want to do. You will be right at the top of our list for any future needs.
-Jonathan Andrews