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From Our Customers

We take great pride in the relationships we build with our customers and love hearing about their experiences.

Joe Ghiggioli Imaging Spectrum is your one stop shop for all your photo booth needs! Printers, paper, software and more! Outstanding customer service!
Todd Conklin Friendly and professional staff! They will walk you through every step of installation and provide you with a personal tutorial of all their products. They ship orders quickly and I receive them in a timely fashion! Pleased doing business with them every time I place an order!
Jeff Jay Smith After speaking with Laura we bought a printer, software and supply package based on her professional guidance. Although we perform in front of hundreds of people every week, we were petrified of doing a photo gig. We anxiously called Bill in tech support twice and he patiently answered all of our questions and concerns. Thanks Imaging Spectrum for setting us up in our new venture and becoming our partner in success!
Cathy Mullis Wood Steve is the best. Supreme products and outstanding customer service. Y'all rock.
Mike Imperial Just ordered the new HiTi P520L with Matt at Imaging Spectrum!! Very nice and helpful guy! Looking forward to using it!
Gary March I recently purchased a printer from IS because they offered the lowest prices and I learned that everything else about their company is AWESOME! I received the printer in 2 days (from Texas to Illinois) which is really fast. Also, I needed a little help installing the driver and immediately got prompt, professional service. I'm so glad I bought from this company, they have a life long customer!!! Thank you so much.
Byron Faudie I am consistently impressed with the service from Imaging Spectrum. Whether it was finding paper after the Japanese tsunami, to taking the working parts from two broken printers to make a good one, to getting a late afternoon order shipped when it didn't really have to go out till the next day - I'm always impressed. They make it super easy to do business. Thanks for all you do.
La P Le Thanks, tech support got on the phone in few seconds & got my windows 8.1 computer properly set to print! Whew! Hours saved troubleshooting myself!
Jeff Beach I purchased a printer and have purchased all my paper through this company since 2008. Very courteous and professional company. Very nice to rely on a company that won't let me down.
Dang Thai We had ordered the HiTi printer and Darkroom bundle from your company. A few weeks later, Bill called to follow up on our order. Not only did he make sure we were happy with our purchase but also stayed online with us to help troubleshoot and resolve some of the issues we had ran into. His customer service was well and beyond that of any company I have ever experienced. We'd like to thank him again for his help and will certainly look to your company for future products.
Melissa Bickmeyer I would just like to share my positive experience regarding Imaging Spectrum. I purchased a DS40 locally from a camera store and had HORRIBLE issues with it. It printed too red and the ability to do a 2x6 cut was non-existent. After HOURS on the phone directly with DNP and several remote log-in sessions, they could not fix the problem. I returned the printer to the local store from where I purchased it. But I still needed a fast, high-quality printer, so after speaking with Steve at IS, I purchased another DS40. When it arrived, I was so afraid of it, I called Imaging Spectrum's tech support before I even connected it to my computer. A super-friendly tech (WISH I could remember his name :-( ) got right back with me almost immediately (at 4pm on a Friday, nonetheless). He installed my drivers for me and made sure it printed accurate colors by changing the ICM. I am still having the 2x6 cut issue, and he tried his hardest to remedy the problem (which is obviously on my end because I have had two printers with the same issue). When it got to 5pm, I told him to quit for the day. He said he would pick some brains and we would resume troubleshooting next week. Thank you guys so much for your awesome customer service! It is a FAR cry better than the service I received from the manufacturer and the local camera store.
Michelle Hall I want to extend a HUGE thank you to the Imaging Spectrum team. We were in a pinch and they didn't think twice about putting a 110% into helping us. Special recognition to Steve who I think is a perfect example of what someone in customer service should be.
Thanks everyone involved in helping us!
Shannon Settles I'm impressed! I bought a dye-sub from these guys a couple of weeks ago. Did it completely "anonymously" via the web: never asked a question, never asked for help... just a ghost of a customer. Well, they just called out of the blue, wanted to be sure everything arrived in good order and to make sure I didn't have any questions. Just amazing in this day and age! Good show!
Chris Meyer I've used Imaging Spectrum on various printer/paper purchases for our photo booth company. I've always been super impressed with the pricing, the customer service, and technical support as well. A rock solid company that will have me as a customer for life!
Yesenia Testa Great customer service!!!
Kristin Lee Been a customer for years. Bought my first printer and all my paper and ink from them. Just bought my 2nd printer because it was time for an upgrade. They ship out of the warehouse so fast. I have called 5 minutes before closing and they still shipped that day. Amazing customer service as well!
Corey Brink Absolutely the best service, simply amazing!!
Justin Muir  I placed an order for a HiTi 510S printer about 2 hours ago and have already received an email with a tracking number! With the exception of Amazon, I thought same day shipping was something of yesterday. Great work so far!
Tyler Proctor  Top notch customer service!
Alan Tam Awesome prices, knowledgeable staff, and quick shipping!
John M Hoang Great, friendly, knowledgeable, and fast service
Adrienne Leverette I've been ordering from you for a few years now and I just wanted to say that y'all are awesome! That's all :)
Eric Tomten Photographics  Thank you Jo for educating me on my paper choices
Lap Le Hi, I just wanted to send a quick thank you to your tech support team! I'm always weary about buying new hardware for my windows 8 tablet, but your tech got on the phone in few seconds & we got the driver installed & settings set so it was up in running properly in 30 secs! You guys are awesome! Thank you. Never had such fast and efficient tech support before.
Jim Bean  Hello Imaging Spectrum, thank you for your friendly attitude and super service.
Gary Marchlewicz Your company is awesome, I'm so glad I purchased my printer from you. You offer the best prices, really fast shipping, and outstanding customer service, all of which is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work. You have one more customer for life!
John Brotherton Just following up, I want to say thanks very much for taking care of the warranty for me.  Your company has always proven to be high on customer service and it is appreciated.  Everything is fine with the printer, but the piece of mind is priceless.
Kristin Webster Just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for all that you have done for me this year. I have had a couple of issues and when I call to get something resolved you can tell your staff actually cares and wants to fix my problem. I messed up yesterday and forgot to order ink last week and had to have stuff overnighted and the sense of urgency that your staff shows is very calming to me. Thank you for handling my mess ups and issues with a sense of urgency and sympathy. Have a great day and thank you again.  
Aunt Scrappys  Happy Holidays! Thank you for all you do!! You're quick at shipping, helpful on the phone & good prices!!!  You're an awesome TEAM!!!
L'État Brut Thanks for your incredible service! Last minute you were able to ship our Printer from Texas to Montreal, Qc, Canada... Some days before Christmas. UPS cause us some problems... we had to argue with them to finally get our delivery... but we made it and it wasn't your fault. We were then fully equiped for our gig! We had a good time because of you! Thanks!
John David Johnson  I received a phone call today and I hate I missed it. Thank you for checking up on my purchase. Not too many organizations do this today and it was refreshing!
Roger Cotton I just wanted to thank you for recommending and selling me the DNP DS40 printer several years ago. This this is a beast, and a workhorse.  We just got back from doing photos at a school's Daddy/Daughter dance.  First photo was at 5:45, and the last was at 8:15. For 2.5 hours, this printer was running non stop. The only break it got was when we had to change paper. Thanks for recommending such a great machine!
Becky Pearman Just received my DS-40 printer yesterday and it seems to be great! The prints seem to be better quality than my old Sony 200 and this little gem is fast. Customer service at Imaging Spectrum is the best... Please tell Matt "thank you" for the 5x7 paper for the old Sony 200- it still works without putting a line on the 5x7 prints! I'll be ordering ALL my paper/supplies from you guys in future.
Susan Carmichael Thanks! Shipment arrived safely!. Awesome service!
Jeff and Donna Smith We wanted to say how completely thrilled we are with your customer service and technical support! We had our first photo booth event this weekend and had only received your printer and software earlier this past week. Needless to say, we were extremely nervous! Your people walked us through every detail and gave us invaluable help that prevented problems from occurring! We could not be more happy with your company and we are glad we chose Imaging Spectrum to be our business partner. Please know that you may use us as a reference anytime.
Lucian Czarnecki I will be retiring from Civil Service next month after 25 years here at Goodfellow AFB. The service that we have had from Imaging Spectrum and its people has been nothing short of OUTSTANDING! Once again, thank you all for your support and understanding over the years. Best to you all.
Perla Aguilera I just want to say THANK YOU for all that you do over there! You guys supply my media kit for my photo booth and I could not be happier. Your shipping is fast and the products are great. I just did a re-order and already got the shipping information that it will be here in 2 days. Thank you for the amazing service that you provide, which allows me to pass it on to my customers.
Jessica Linares I'm so excited. My printer worked thank you so very much Imaging Spectrum, I definitely recommend to call tech support the person who helped me was patient, kind and fixed the problem. I'm so happy. God bless you.. I'm ready to use my Brava 21.. woot woot..