Summit 24" x 60' 5 Mil Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Vinyl Roll
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Summit 24" x 60' 5 Mil Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Vinyl Roll

Summit 24" x 60' 5 Mil Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Vinyl Roll

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5 Mil Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Vinyl is a 5-mil solvent acrylic adhesive-backed vinyl with a white point that enables bright, colorful photos to be printed on a durable, weather-resistant surface. The matte, ink receptive layer provides exceptional resistance to water and scratching. Graphics printed on this material will last up to 8 months outdoors without lamination and up to two years outdoors when laminated. The strong, permanent solvent-based adhesive sticks to most popular sign substrates and removes cleanly for up to 90 days.

Compatible with all aqueous inkjet printers.


  • Water resistant matte coating
  • Durable solvent acrylic adhesive
  • Bright white imaging surface


  • Indoor / Outdoor signage possible from aqueous ink jet printers
  • POS signage
  • Opaque window graphics


  • Sign companies
  • Print service providers
  • Trade show display manufacturers.
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Material Type

Film Gauge (minus adhesive)
3.5 mil

6 mil

Matte: Pressure-sensitive vinyl laminates can be applied to increase the fade and abrasion of the image and change gloss level. Before applying the laminate, allow the image to dry for 24 hours.


120 (CIE)


Gloss Level

Storage humidity
Indoor, 1 yr @ 50-80 degrees

L>92-96, a=0.5 ± 1.0, b*=-3.0±2.0

Adhesive Type
Permanent solvent-based acrylic

Ink Compatibility
Compatible with all thermal and piezo inkjet printers using water-based dye and pigmented inks

RIP & Printer Media Settings
For the best and most consistent results, a profile should be created using an external color calibrator in conjunction with your RIP and color matching software. However, if these tools are not available, printers using dye ink should be set for the highest print quality and media selection should be “Photopaper”. When using UV inks, the “heavy weight coated” option should be selected. Ink coverage up to 300% is recommended.

Light Fastness
The fading time of inkjet ink is a direct result of the inks that you choose to use and the environment where the print is displayed. Please consult with your ink manufacturer for light fastness data.

Water Resistance
To obtain a high degree of water resistance, use only pigmented ink. Allow the print to dry for 24 hours before exposing to moisture. Lamination is not required. Ink saturation over 350% can affect the water-resistant properties and show ink bleed.

Optimal Service Environment
Recommended conditions for use: 10-30°C/30-50% R.H. Use care in handling printed material; surface is susceptible to abrasion.

Ideal Storage Conditions
70° F (21° C), 50% R.H. (a controlled environment is recommended); store in original packaging.

Shelf Life
1 year from the ship date when stored in proper conditions.