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HiTi P525L Photo Booth Printer

HiTi P525L Photo Booth Printer
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Jim Richard
Mar 5, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I've been working green screen events for many years and have gone through my share of printers. Without a doubt, this printer is solid and prints plenty fast. For the price they're charging at the moment ($399), you'd be crazy not to pick yourself up a couple as I just did. Last night, we had a 1,200 guest event to cover with two photo stations. On one, I had my tried and true DNP DS40s humming along. On the other, my two new HiTi P525Ls. Not a single hiccup the entire night. These printers are more than 1/2 the cost of a DS40 and other models, yet they produce absolutely stunning colorful prints, with less cost per print, and at an acceptably fast speed.

Advantages: Quality build, fast, price per print is among the lowest available, beautiful colors. Outstanding value/price! Unlike my DS40s that make a beeping sound when properly loaded (which can be very hard to hear in a noisy environment), the HiTi shows a blue light when it's ready. Much more convenient!

Disadvantages: Larger than my DS40s, but seem to weigh the same. Not crazy about the control panel screen/buttons, but once you have it set up, you really don't need to mess with them. Also, the main black rubber roller gets dirty QUICK (white, powdery stuff from the back of the paper). After one job, I already need to clean it.
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Apr 5, 2017
Buy don't wait. I bought two and if I had more work I would buy more.

Advantages: Beautiful bright pictures. Speed is good and drivers are great and are included on the disc despite what a previous review said. I was happy to find XP 32bit drivers on the disc as well as Windows 10.

Disadvantages: Kind of ugly and a little on the heavy side but easy to manage.
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Elton Rash
Apr 5, 2017
I have used both the DNP DS40 and the 525L for on-site printing. The 525L is now my starting printer for on-the-road events. I prefer the overall picture quality for my clients. I use the DS40 to fill orders at home mainly because I have to adjust the color and exposure on my software to get an accurate print from the DS40, while I can just hit "print" on the 525L and it comes out just right. At the current price, I bought two of them (one loaded with 4x6 & the other with 5x7). I recouped my cost for BOTH of them in ONE event!

Advantages: Accurate, high-quality prints, and they come out very fast and continuously

Disadvantages: Bulky, but not a major issue. I have a dolly.
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Martin Rutledge
Apr 17, 2017
Purchased directly from Imaging Spectrum, my experience was fantastic.

As a new business owner, for this price, and accompanying 3-yr warranty, coupled with superior print quality and performance, I simply could not pass this up. At $399 you can get 3 for the price of one DS40!

Having had experience with previous HiTi, DNP and several years working as a Digital tech for Epson, I can submit that the HiTi model is ROCK SOLID, and intent to purchase more at my earliest opportunity.

Advantages: Best in-class cost per print
Impeccable photo quality
More prints per roll

Disadvantages: Does NOT come with a catch tray
Larger and heavier than most printers
2-3 seconds slower per print
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Herschel Grangent
Mar 19, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great printer, take advantage of this promotion with instant rebate, it was well worth it. Great colors and printing. Only down size is there are no drivers shipped with printer and no obvious instructions, but they are on shipped disk, but drivers are not. You must download drivers from imaging Spectrum, but you are not directed there. All in all printer is great, I would highly recommend this printer.

Advantages: After set-up, very trouble free. not like my latest experience with my 510's. The firmware updates made them virtually unreliable

Disadvantages: Somewhat heavy
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