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Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer

Brava 21 Photo and Sticker Printer
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Kris Watson
Jun 29, 2017
This would be a 5 star printer IF they fixed their drivers to make the device more user friendly to install. This printer is now our back up just because I hate fighting to install it on our computers. Also would be nice if it was mac compatible. It is also louder then our other machines.

Advantages: Can print stickers, very durable, and prints fast.

Disadvantages: Virtually impossible to install on a modern computer if you are not a computer tech. Printer is loud and shakes a 4' folding table when printing.
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Ace MJ Waldor
Apr 8, 2017
Got this printer with my turnkey photo booth system back in Nov 2015. So far I love it and hopefully with be getting another one as my backup soon. I've had no issues with it that were major (ribbon torn on my first event).

Advantages: Durable and versatility with paper sizes. I'm told it's the only one that does sticker media in the market.

Disadvantages: Needs a constant level of power otherwise the ribbon can (and does) tear.
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H. Swann
Aug 19, 2017
The printer works well. But if I'd known that the drive would sometimes have to reinstalled when Microsoft 10 updates, I would not have bought it.

Advantages: Make great prints and it is fast.

Disadvantages: If you have Microsoft 10, don't buy this printer!
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Josh A
Mar 9, 2016
We purchased this printer for our first Photo Booth and so far we are beyond satisfied. Printer is heavy duty, which is good for the abuses that come with kids and drunks at events.

Advantages: Sticker paper & 6x8 double perf paper available.

Disadvantages: Printer is slightly louder than expected when it prints (but with a noisy venue, it's really not an issue).
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Gregory E
Apr 16, 2016
Great first printer for photo booth. Im sticking with this series of printers price is right.

Advantages: This printer has worked great for my first photo booth. About to purchace another one. Loading the media is easy and has worked great at all my events.
Having the option to use sticker paper has bin great.

Disadvantages: No complaints so far, but i dont have another unit to compare it to.
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Charisse B.
Apr 29, 2016
I bought this printer 2 years ago and I never had problems with it. I accidentally drop a heavy object on top of the printer few months ago and it still works great. it only have a scratch and a tiny dent on top.

Advantages: Double Perforated 6x8 Paper creates 3 pcs of 2x8 photo booth strips that other printer don't offer.

Disadvantages: Might not work with Windows 10. Hoping for updates soon.
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Jul 22, 2016
Love this Printer! I just bought my second Brava 21, have yet to try it with the sticker media. But, so far so good. I've had my first printer for 19 months, and haven't had any issues.

Advantages: Its really easy to load, The YouTube tutorials help a lot.

Disadvantages: Its a little heavy, but at the same time its thick aluminum shell makes it sturdy.
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Scotty Brown
Apr 15, 2018
works great when printing 4x6.when printing 5x7 or 6x8 prints paper tends to jam. I sent it back to comp. to solve problem , got it back and still having same problem

Advantages: great 4x6 back up printer for my photo booth

Disadvantages: not good for larger prints.Paper jams once roll feed decreases.
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Jan 7, 2018
I would never have bought this printer had I known the driver would not be updated by Ciaat, and switching the print size to 5x7 is for all intents and purposes impossible. When it works, it works fine. Unfortunately, that is a big if.

Advantages: Taught me not to buy weird brands exclusively controlled by one company.

Disadvantages: Imaging Spectrum is the only supplier and authorized repair in the US, so you're stuck with their repair rates and media prices. Two weeks after I bought it, it fell off a shelf and hit my foot (softening the landing), and knocked the door out of alignment. I called IS, and they refused to troubleshoot over the phone and wanted it shipped to them. Also told me given their troubleshooting rates, it would be less expensive to buy a new one!!! After studying the inside, fixed it with a pair of pliers, setting the latch back into alignment.

The printer driver is a hack from Windows 7. Instructions to download and install it are hard to follow.

Impossible (as far as we are concerned) to switch to 5x7 prints, do to difficult access.

Ribbon breaks with changes in voltage, and this ruined several events due to frequent ribbon repairs. To me two years to find that out, so I could get a battery backup to smooth out the power. Would have been nice if Imaging Spectrum mentioned this up front.

Very loud, and when printing jerks back and forth.
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Dean Spyropoulos
May 18, 2018
Purchased this printer with DarkRoom Booth. Outstanding quality, and you cannot beat the service of IS.

Advantages: Prints stickers and multiple sizes

Disadvantages: none that I have come across.
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Joe Sorrentino
Jul 17, 2018
DO NOT BUY this junk for a PC - They NEVER update the drivers - It worked nicely on a Win 7 PC difficult on a Win 8 & 10 PC Never on a Win 10 PC with the spring update!!!

Disadvantages: BAD drivers
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Joshua Gooding
Aug 3, 2018
This is a great printer when it works. The installation of drivers can be a little daunting to figure out, but anyone even remotely knowledgeable with Windows should have no real issues with it.

Advantages: Prints quickly, is durable, great service with IS.

Disadvantages: The cutter, while very useful, cuts st a weird angle sometimes meaning that you could have weird white stripes at either side of a strip or the template could be running between the prints. The print head dies after 2 years every single time. I'm now on my 7th printer purchased (we operate a few photobooths) and that has been my experience every time. It's cheaper to replace than repair the print head. If you need this to last more than two years, look elsewhere.
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Walter Ezell
Feb 27, 2018
Best printer ever hands down. The only problems I've ever had with it were all self induced.

Advantages: small light weight
fits inside my booth

Disadvantages: only prints 300 sheets
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