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Apr 1, 2016
I absolutely love this printer. It is fast and efficient.

The only problem I'm having is my software I use with it won't allow for a selection of 4x6 or 2x6 but new firmware is being released soon.

Amazing job with this printer!!

Advantages: Fast printing
Easy paper load

Disadvantages: My software needs to be update to use this printer to it's fullest potentional.
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Mar 5, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I've been working green screen events for many years and have gone through my share of printers. Without a doubt, this printer is solid and prints plenty fast. For the price they're charging at the moment ($399), you'd be crazy not to pick yourself up a couple as I just did. Last night, we had a 1,200 guest event to cover with two photo stations. On one, I had my tried and true DNP DS40s humming along. On the other, my two new HiTi P525Ls. Not a single hiccup the entire night. These printers are more than 1/2 the cost of a DS40 and other models, yet they produce absolutely stunning colorful prints, with less cost per print, and at an acceptably fast speed.

Advantages: Quality build, fast, price per print is among the lowest available, beautiful colors. Outstanding value/price! Unlike my DS40s that make a beeping sound when properly loaded (which can be very hard to hear in a noisy environment), the HiTi shows a blue light when it's ready. Much more convenient!

Disadvantages: Larger than my DS40s, but seem to weigh the same. Not crazy about the control panel screen/buttons, but once you have it set up, you really don't need to mess with them. Also, the main black rubber roller gets dirty QUICK (white, powdery stuff from the back of the paper). After one job, I already need to clean it.
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Mar 24, 2017
Great prints fast!

Advantages: Fast print speeds. Great looking prints. Fairly inexpensive prints compared to other printers.

Disadvantages: This is my second printer. First one failed after 49860 images. Not sure what the life expectancy is though.
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Meyer Gladstone about  Darkroom Core 9.3 - Activation (DSCORE):
May 24, 2016
I have had the opportunity to try several different products for event photography specifically green screen. In my opinion,Darkroom Core is by far the best and most impressive software available for event photography. It is powerful, intuitive, and very efficient. I highly recommend this product.

Advantages: Darkroom Core is very versatile and offers built in printer drivers and tethered shooting options. It is user-friendly and very efficient for on location speed. It offers a brush to edit the dropout area for green screen as well as other enhancing tools. Customer support is AWESOME!

Disadvantages: Really no disadvantages. I only wish a two computer license was offered. I keep a backup laptop on hand for emergencies and it would be nice to have the software available on two systems. I realize a dongle is offered, but I prefer a license since I run a tethered camera, mouse, and two DS-40 printers. I want to avoid another USB device added to the mix.
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Jan 25, 2018
Anyone looking to purchase one of these printers be wary that if you potentially have a high volume of prints that you will need to replace the print head after about 100,000 prints also on both of our models it leaves a stripe down anything on 8? Lustre paper.

We were advised AFTER purchase by FUJIFILM themselves that the printer only has a service life of 100,000 prints and that they were not surprised that ours had stopped working, after suggesting that we purchase said printer knowing full well how much volume we did.

Advantages: Small footprint and image quality good

Disadvantages: Service life is only 100,000 prints!
Issues with marking on 8? L paper
Expensive to run
Support is expensive and not possible to diy repair
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May 5, 2016
The printer is fantastic. I had a bit of an issue with loading the paper in for the first time, but I just took everything out and retried and it was fine. I was told there would be a WiFi attachment (dongle) for it and it did not come with the machine. I called Imaging Spectrum (Here, where I ordered it) and they promptly sent the wifi dongle out to me.

After I downloaded the new firmware and installed it on the printer, I checked to see if I could connect the my network using WiFi. NOTE! The printer DOES NOT CONNECT to your personal wireless network. It CREATES ITS OWN network to which you connect your device(s). You can see your wireless network on the printer screen, but you can not connect to it. I called HiTi about this and they said this was on purpose... (bad move in my opinion)

This was a huge disadvantage for me because I was writing an android photo booth app that has social media support as well as print support. When you connect your device to the printer, you lose all internet access. Plus, you have to use the HiTi's proprietary software.

My solution was to drop the android app and just go with a PC. I purchased an Intel Compute Stick (2nd Gen) and am awaiting the delivery. It should work fine because I've tested the printer with my Mac and PC and they both work great.

The printer is also able to do 2x6 filmstrip cuts (tested only on PC)!

REMEMBER TO ORDER A PACK OF PAPER ROLLS AND DYE SUB INK! This does not come with your first roll.

Advantages: - Fast Printing
- Very good color (not perfect, but good for my application
- Prints 2x6 film strip
- Can connect wirelessly if you don't need internet access
- Great printer for the price, definitely would recommend

Disadvantages: - Wireless connection is AdHoc, meaning the printer makes its own network and you connect a device to it (You lose internet access on that device)
- Wireless printing needs proprietary software.
- Big (I guess not relatively compared to other printers of this calibre)
- Heavy (same)
- Does not come with first paper roll, you must order a paper/dye sub pack.
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Jun 29, 2017
This would be a 5 star printer IF they fixed their drivers to make the device more user friendly to install. This printer is now our back up just because I hate fighting to install it on our computers. Also would be nice if it was mac compatible. It is also louder then our other machines.

Advantages: Can print stickers, very durable, and prints fast.

Disadvantages: Virtually impossible to install on a modern computer if you are not a computer tech. Printer is loud and shakes a 4' folding table when printing.
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Sep 4, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Well, the printer itself is great, at least on Windows 7. For Windows 10, they have a driver issue that causes Windows, Lightroom or any program to freeze when accessing Printer Preferences. After contacting them, they offered me a workaround that did not work and no planned date to fix the issue, leaving me to either deal with the issue, buy Windows 7 for that computer, or return the printer. Sigh.
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Feb 17, 2016
Great Printer for The Money!!

Advantages: If you need a fast reliable printer then search no further. I use this for proofing as well as onsite printing. It is very easy to use and set up & works great. Small foot print and does`nt take up much space at all. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone who needs a fast reliable photo printer.

Disadvantages: I would not really call this a disadvantage but you will have to tweak the color settings just a little or to your liking, No big deal and not a deal breaker.
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Andrew B about  Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 (CS2):
Nov 2, 2016
We have two of these that we use for photo booth and event photo applications. It's a solid printer, though the advertised print time is...optimistic...with the "real world" time from control-P to print in your hand closer to 25 seconds, though a second print takes about 15 seconds. Have successfully used them at outdoor events as warm as 95 deg. F and cold as 35 deg. F. Have printed tens of thousands of prints on each.

Advantages: Small and light for a dye-sub printer. Prints reasonably quickly. Printer and media are affordable. Up-to-date drivers for macOS and Windows. Color calibration seems stable from roll-to-roll.

Disadvantages: Color calibration is different from printer-to-printer, not as fast as the fastest dye-subs.
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Dec 3, 2018
these are great when new and used regularly, as soon as you start getting clogs though its all down hill, you waste tons of ink trying to clean the head and then have to buy expensive maintenance waste tanks and i the clog is bad enough it has to be sent in for repair whereas every other machine I have ever had has utilities to clean and purge the ink and refill , which is still expensive but less than shipping it off and having down time.
Also color management was a constant moving target with these machines for us and i've done my own printing for nearly 20 years.
when we first got them and got decent color it was like printing money , now i have two paperweights and fuji wants 40.00 just to take a phone call for tech support , you do get it applied to shipping when you have to send it in but that's little comfort when you have nearly 6,000 dollars of dead hardware.

Advantages: when working they are a great value and convenience with low cost per print

Disadvantages: the honey moon is too soon over , make tons of money with these quick and buy them on sale, keep a new one in the box for when the last one fails
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Apr 5, 2017
I have used both the DNP DS40 and the 525L for on-site printing. The 525L is now my starting printer for on-the-road events. I prefer the overall picture quality for my clients. I use the DS40 to fill orders at home mainly because I have to adjust the color and exposure on my software to get an accurate print from the DS40, while I can just hit "print" on the 525L and it comes out just right. At the current price, I bought two of them (one loaded with 4x6 & the other with 5x7). I recouped my cost for BOTH of them in ONE event!

Advantages: Accurate, high-quality prints, and they come out very fast and continuously

Disadvantages: Bulky, but not a major issue. I have a dolly.
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Apr 6, 2017
Buy don't wait. I bought two and if I had more work I would buy more.

Advantages: Beautiful bright pictures. Speed is good and drivers are great and are included on the disc despite what a previous review said. I was happy to find XP 32bit drivers on the disc as well as Windows 10.

Disadvantages: Kind of ugly and a little on the heavy side but easy to manage.
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Feb 12, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Always arrives on time. Customer service is ALWAYS on point. The quality is 2nd to none...although I have nothing to compare it to, LOL! I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'll probably never switch print media. My clients love the quality and I love the price. That's called a "win-win."

Advantages: Cost, quantity, quality.

Disadvantages: None.
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Jul 22, 2016
I own a Large multi-op DJ / Photobooth company. I actually bought 6 of these printers to put in our booths. They worked fine for about a year. HITI changed the media for these printers, and I've had nothing but paper jams, and random errors since. Hiti told me to update the firmware...idiots. I did that of course already. This is a consistent problem I know because it's happened to 4 of my 6 printers but Hiti refuses to address it. I'm replacing with another brand all together

Advantages: Cheap prints
Prints quickly

Disadvantages: Completely unreliable
POOR customer service
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Aug 22, 2019
This company went from one of the best printers our there to absolute garbage because they can't make decent media anymore. This stuff is awful.

Advantages: None anymore. Used to be a work horse printer, now the quality is garbage.

Disadvantages: Lots of refunds thanks to this new media.
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Oct 3, 2019
I agree with Ed, the new supplies in the 4-pack produce an unuseable quality print. I have two 510L printers and they are both useless to me now because the new supplies are crap, even after the new firmware. Please bring back the old supplies HITI! Just because the 510L is discontinued doesn't mean that we're not still using them. One of mine has 20,000+ prints and was still working fine before the new supplies.
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Apr 18, 2017
Purchased directly from Imaging Spectrum, my experience was fantastic.

As a new business owner, for this price, and accompanying 3-yr warranty, coupled with superior print quality and performance, I simply could not pass this up. At $399 you can get 3 for the price of one DS40!

Having had experience with previous HiTi, DNP and several years working as a Digital tech for Epson, I can submit that the HiTi model is ROCK SOLID, and intent to purchase more at my earliest opportunity.

Advantages: Best in-class cost per print
Impeccable photo quality
More prints per roll

Disadvantages: Does NOT come with a catch tray
Larger and heavier than most printers
2-3 seconds slower per print
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Aug 15, 2018
We had to replace the print head twice due to the ink drying out. We used the printer almost every day so a lag time between prints wasn't the reason for the ink drying out. Ended up selling the printer on eBay for parts as the print head dried out a 3rd time and the printer was out of warranty.

Advantages: Beautiful inkjet prints

Disadvantages: Ink is guaranteed to dry out at some point and damage the print head.
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Dec 6, 2018
Not dependable. I have three and have had to send all three in for reapairs right after the warranty expired on them. The durability on this machine is horrible. Reapirs are very expensive. Will NOT be purchasing another Fuji product in the future. Definitely not worth the headaches.

Advantages: They print very nice IF you can keep them printing.

Disadvantages: It is very hard to set these up, and color controls are convoluted and require settings in 3 DIFFERENT places. Not user friendly. Fuji Service is horrendous. First question out of their mouth is "we need a credit card" not how can we help you. There needs to be a lemon law for this company.
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Nov 23, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Beware and be vigilant with this new HITI paper. Its soft and can cause frequent paper jams. I compared the old and new one myself. First day of gig with this new set of consumables , not even halfway of the session and i encountered a very serious paper jam. ( i can post pictures if you want proof) I even update to the new driver.

Advantages: cheap

Disadvantages: soft . flimsy paper, can cause serious paper jams.
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Keyth Reynolds about  Sinfonia Color Stream CS2 (CS2):
Jan 7, 2020
We own 5 of these with the oldest being 5 years old. We rarely have issues with these printers other than an occasional trim piece getting stuck and causing a jam. This is an issue on the 4 newer printers since they went from a metal scrap bin to a plastic one. Cost per print is higher than other brands but the paper quality is way better.

Advantages: Small, easy to work on. fast prints only 2 seconds slower than other printers on the market. reliable.

Disadvantages: do not like the newer updated plastic scrap bin as scraps do not always fallin they get hung from time to time and cuase a jam.
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Feb 19, 2020
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Nothing but trouble with the new paper set. constant jamming and torn ink film. super stressful events lately, not knowing if or when it would happen. Im a DJ and I used to be able to let the photo booth run on it's own, now I have to pay an assistant $150 to babysit the printer. Sorry HiTi, but the last 4 sets of media have been complete garbage and it's costing me too much money!

Advantages: Cheap!

Disadvantages: Cheap!
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Apr 8, 2017
Got this printer with my turnkey photo booth system back in Nov 2015. So far I love it and hopefully with be getting another one as my backup soon. I've had no issues with it that were major (ribbon torn on my first event).

Advantages: Durable and versatility with paper sizes. I'm told it's the only one that does sticker media in the market.

Disadvantages: Needs a constant level of power otherwise the ribbon can (and does) tear.
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Mar 26, 2018
When it is working it is wonderful printer, but that when its working.A few years ago I purchased the 1245. It broke down on the very first job. I had to make them send me another printer. Best I can say about it is that it was temperament at best. I had to constantly down load drivers... in the middle of the job the color would start to go weird. Tech told me that my USB cord was cheap and that why that was happing. When the machine became too expenses to repair...I was stupid enough to buy the new CE because the price was good...which bring me to the present day. The first one...the door would not lock...they send me another...second one the paper load light would not come on.... the third one (after I ask them to preform a quality control check) the paper load light will not come on. I am at present waiting on Imaging Spectrum and Sinfonia to return my phone call.
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