DTG Pre-Treat Paper Uncoated 16" x 20" 250 Sheets
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DTG Pre-Treat Paper Uncoated 16" x 20" 250 Sheets

DTG Pre-Treat Paper Uncoated 16" x 20" 250 Sheets

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Quilon parchment paper for curing direct-to-garment pre-treatment fluid.
50 Sheets per pack.
When using a heat transfer press, use a non-silicone pre-treatment paper to protect the garment when drying the pre-treatment. If you use a silicone-based paper, it will seal the pre-treatment on the shirt surface and the white ink may not stick well enough. 
You may use a Quillon treated baking pan liner to dry the pretreatment. However, if the paper sticks to the pretreatment after you are done pretreating the shirt, you may have applied too much pretreatment or the heat press is set for too much pressure. 
Standard “butcher paper” or “brown Kraft paper” can also be used as heat press protector when drying the pretreatment.
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