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Darkroom Software Pro Edition 9.2 (105DRPRO)
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Darkroom Software Pro Edition 9.2 (105DRPRO)

Darkroom Professional Version 9.2 completes your photography workflow by combining all of the elements of Version 9.1, plus many powerful new features.

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Adds the power of networking and built-in printer drivers providing a scalable photography business solution for large events, attractions, labs and high-volume studios.

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Darkroom Professional Version 9.2 completes the workflow by combining all of the elements of the Version 9.1, plus these powerful new features:

  • New and improved green screen
  • Green screen masking tool
  • Built-in printer drivers
  • Dynamic QR Code Generation
  • Live view from compatible Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Post and sell photos on-line with®
  • Windows 8.1 Support

Darkroom Professional Edition completes the workflow by combining all the features of the Core Edition, plus adding powerful professional features including a template builder, green screen shooting, on-screen presentation modes, direct capture, color management, network capabilities, and more.



  • Direct capture to the industry's best digital cameras
  • Open raw and proprietary digital camera files
  • Open any standard digital file format


  • Catalog photos by customer or event
  • Copy, rotate, preview, and add notes to your photos
  • Archive photos to CD or DVD


  • Create new photo products using borders, text, and overlay graphics
  • Built-in brightness, color, contrast and sharpness adjustments
  • Advanced retouch workflow


  • Automated proof sheet printing to the industry's best digital printers
  • Electronic on-screen proof presentation
  • Built-in slideshow


  • Customer presentation order preview screen
  • Drag and drop package shopping cart
  • Publish your photos directly to your PhotoReflect Internet storefront


  • Print packages directly to the industry's best digital mini-labs, dye-sub and ink jet printers
  • Print on location, in studio or batch print
  • Use Labtricit to send orders electronically to a lab for printing

Darkroom Professional Edition supports the use of internet storefronts, creating an additional avenue for sales. Darkroom Professional Edition also has built-in connectivity to Labtricity enabled labs, allowing photographers to send their prints and packages electronically to fulfillment partners.

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